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Thank you for choosing Dartmouth Harbour Heights.

Below you will find our current availability. If you would like to make a reservation please phone Ann Buckingham on 07815 824821. Ann will need the number of guests staying and whether groups are couples, singles or families. (the number and ages of the children will need to be provided for family bookings). Bookings are based on the number of guests staying and the length of your stay.  It is great for large groups at weekends.

We offer preferential rates for small numbers of guests wanting a short break from Sunday to Monday or Monday to Friday. We also offer recommendations for ' Things to Do' and ' Places to Eat ' based upon our knowledge and the feedback from our network of associates. Our advice with ' Planning your Holiday ' is also very helpful.

Information on our Booking Calendar

The dates available are shown below. Dates that are booked are also shown below.

Our Address

Dartmouth Harnour Heights

7 Jawbones Hill, Dartmouth 


Thu 15th Jun - Mon 24th July Booked
Mon 24th Jul - Fri 28th Jul Available
Fri 28th Jul - Sun 30th Jul Booked
Sun 30th Jul - Fri 4th Aug Available
Fri 4th Aug - Mon 4th Sep 2017 Booked
Mon 4th Sep - Fri 8th Sep Available
Fri 8th Sep - Mon 11th Sep Booked
Mon 11th Sep - Fri 29th Sep Available
Fri 29th Sep - Sun 1st Oct Booked
Sun 1st Oct - Fri 6th Oct Available
Fri 6th Oct - Sun 8th Oct Booked
Sun 8th Oct - Fri 13th Oct Available
Fri 13th Oct - Mon 16th Oct Booked
Mon 16th Oct - Fri 3rd Nov Available
Fri 3rd Nov - Sun Mon 6th Nov Booked
Mon 6th Nov - Fri 10th Nov Available
Fri 10th Nov - Sun 12th Nov Booked
Sun 12th Nov - Sun 17th Dec Available
Sun 17th Dec- Thu 21st Dec 2017 Booked
Thu 21st Dec - Fri 29th Dec Available
Fri 29th Dec - Tue 2nd Jan 2018 Booked
Tue 2nd Jan 2018 - Fri 30th Mar Available
Fri 30 Mar - Mon 2nd Apr Booked
Mon 2nd Apr - Fri 6th Apr Available
Fri 6th Apr - Fri 13th Apr Booked
Fri 13th Apr - Fri 25th May Available
Fri 25th May - Fri 1st Jun Booked
Fri 1st Jun - 31st Dec 2018 Available

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